When we enjoy a rendezvous together, I request a consideration for my time and companionship. Please bring it in an unsealed envelope, and place it in an obvious location at the beginning of our time together. If we are meeting in public, place it within a discreet greeting card or book.  Refrain from mentioning the consideration at any point during our time together. For longer dates or travel, please contact me to discuss an appropriate amount.

60 minutes: $400
90 minutes: $600
2 hours: $800
3 hours: $1200
4 hours: $1500
8 hours: $2000
12 hours: $3000

2 hour lunch/dinner + 2 hours of play: $1200
Strictly social (public) dates: $200 per hour

I prefer to host at my West Seattle studio, but I also offer visits to you at my discretion. Please add $50 travel consideration for 60 minute dates (not required for longer dates, or if you have a disability or special accessibility requirements).