When are you available to meet?

I am available from 11 am until 10 pm most days. You can find my calendar on my Contact page, although it is subject to change. (I can occasionally accept same-day appointments, but only from friends I’ve seen before or who can pass my reference check quickly. Appointments before 1 pm must be scheduled by the previous day.)

Do you have reviews?

I have adopted a no-review policy. Firstly, I prefer the details of our private time to remain private between us. Secondly, review boards have become a security risk for all members. I request that my companions refrain from posting reviews on such boards. If you’re concerned that I may not be a real person, please visit my Twitter to see my history of posts and interactions with other users.

I’m new to this. Will you play with a beginner?

Absolutely! I love playing with beginners and introducing people to new things. Let’s make your first experience a positive and memorable occasion. Please read all the information on my website, then feel free to ask questions in your first email.

Where will we meet?

My studio is located just a few minutes from downtown Seattle. It does have one flight of stairs and cannot be accessed by elevator. I prefer my own space, but will also offer visits to you at my discretion, for which I request a $50 convenience fee for one hour appointments – and no fee for 90 minutes or longer. (If you have a disability or special accessibility requirements, I waive that fee.) **Update: as of mid-January 2019 I will be moving to a space in West Seattle.**

Can I call you on the phone?

I prefer email for general communication. Upon scheduling an appointment I will provide a phone/text number for last-minute contact if needed. Thereafter please revert to email for future appointment requests or questions.

Should I bring a gift?

Gifts are never required, but should you wish to spoil me, I do maintain an Amazon wishlist. Always welcome are milk chocolate, white and sparkling wine (no red, please), books, silver-tone jewelry, lingerie, and shoes. I also love gift cards from Amazon (for nearly anything I can imagine!), Mr S. Leather (my favorite source for toys and leather), Nordstrom (have you admired my shoe collection?) and Dark Garden (my favorite corsetier).

Shoe size: 8.5US/39EU

Bust: 36C

Dress size: 8-10/Large

Why didn’t you respond to my email?

You may have been disrespectful or impolite, asked me for my “menu” or more pictures, or have clearly not read all the information on my website. I am only interested in spending time with well-mannered playmates.